Tuition Information and Fees

$200.00 registration fee is due at registration. Tuition for the first month is half the monthly tuition. The fee covers some of the textbook expenses, student insurance, achievement tests, library books and other supplies. A full registration fee will also apply should a student enroll at mid-year in addition to the prorated tuition for the first month of enrollment.


Monthly tuition payments are based on a 9 ½ month billing cycle starting on August 15 and ending on May 31. Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Tuition for Pre-K through 8th grade is $200.00 per month. If tuition is more than 30 days late the student may be asked not to return to school until the account is brought current. If you have a financial problem and cannot pay the current month’s tuition, contact the treasurer for arrangements.

Sibling Discount

1st and 2nd siblings, full tuition price
3rd and more siblings, ½ tuition price