Uniform and Dress Code
Triangle Adventist Christian School (TACS) dress code is intended to enhance the learning environment, reflect our spiritual values, and to help students develop character. All students must agree to comply with the dress code as a condition of admission. Parental support is essential in this area. All students are required to wear an approved school uniform. School uniform shirts must be a solid color polo shirt of choice. Blue jeans, khaki pants, shorts, or skirt or modest denim pants, shorts, or skirt may also be worn.
In grades 3-8, T-shirts or long sleeve shirts worn as undergarments must be solid white or black.
Skirts, shorts and skorts are to be no more than 2 inches above the middle of the knee when standing. Shorts or other garments worn under a skirt must not be visible (shorts, skorts and skirts should be plain, solid color with no cargo pockets).
Any pant or short must be the same style and color the uniform khaki designated as the TACS uniform pant (pants should be plain, solid color of uniform khaki color, with no cargo pockets).
Students in grades 3-8 are required to wear a belt with pants and shorts.
Clothes with rips, holes, slits or heavily frayed edges are inappropriate.
During cold weather, solid color sweaters, sweatshirts or hoodies can be worn. Non-patterned tights may be worn during cold weather.

Shoes are to be closed toe.